Common Dog Eye Issues

Eye issues are common and are often caused by trauma, health issues, breed, or heredity. However, some problems are chronic and require ongoing care, while other times, they are transitory and readily fixed with a visit to the vet. Some require surgery to correct their eye problems permanently.

Any eye problems in pets must prompt a trip to the vet. The issue isn’t just discomfort, pain, or frustration. Additionally, it is the risk that a delay could cause irreparable harm.

All pets require regular eye health care, which is very important. There are various eye issues, some affecting canines, and cats. Other tests are possible for a specific diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of an eye problem.

Pet Eye Problems

The soul of your pet can be visible in your pet’s eyes. So, their brightness, clarity, and health should be prioritized. The common eye diseases which affect both cats and dogs are detailed here.


Cataracts are amorphous areas on the lens which usually are white and block any light reaching your retina. When they completely cover the lens, it becomes blind.

Most cataracts are not known in origin; however, diabetes is a significant contributor to the development of cataracts in dogs. Retina tests are essential before surgery because hereditary diseases can cause cataracts too.

Cherry Eye

The third tear gland’s protrusion in the eyelid is called the cherry eye. It’s most prevalent in breeds with shorter faces.

Simple surgery is utilized as a form of treatment to relocate the gland. Never take it out since doing so could result in additional eye problems.

Corneal Ulcer

In simple terms, it’s a cornea-related wound. The cornea has a thin layer of cells that function as skin cells, similar to the other body’s surfaces. However, the absence of blood supply makes healing difficult or even impossible when injured.

Ulcers can last and cause chronic discomfort or develop, posing the risk of perforation to the eye. The only symptom is an eye that tears or shuts repeatedly. Most people benefit from the treatment swiftly. Consult a pet orthopedic surgeon for any orthopedic problems.

Dry Eye

The irritation caused by the insufficient production of tears is known as dry eyes. A tear gland’s autoimmune destruction is the usual reason. The absence of tears could cause the vision to become permanently diseased, painful, and blind if left untreated.

A dry eye can be treated effectively if detected early. Red eyes and a yellow gooey discharge improve by taking antibiotics but then worsen. The amount of tears on a strip of special paper for one minute is weighed to make the diagnosis. View site for more details.


Glaucoma is an unusual increase in intraocular pressure, typically resulting from fluid flow obstruction. Left untreated, it will eventually cause extreme pain, swelling eyes, and even blindness. Breed-specific issues are responsible for most instances; however, they can also occur because of ocular bleeding or inflammation.


Tumors on the eyelids are often overlooked, but they must not be. The leading edge of the eyelid should be smooth. Eyes that are red and crying can result from even the tiniest bumps.

A precise procedure is required to remove a wedge of the eyelid. It is also necessary to connect the eyelids’ edges. Speed is crucial in nearly every aspect of the eye. Large eyelid masses can’t be removed without changing the contour and shape of the eyelids. Visit a vet hospital like Seattle veterinary clinic for additional information.


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